mini-P5200020.JPG (113297 byte) mini-P5240023.JPG (124547 byte) mini-P5240026.JPG (126450 byte)
Reday to go. We had Viking signs to show Europe who we were and where we came from.

Take care!

We used the from Hamburg to Basel. We spent the night on the train and slept OK. The Spiders were lining up at the Altona Station in Hamburg. Kenneth is eager to embark the train and moves slowly ahead . . .
mini-P5240029.JPG (140670 byte) mini-P5240032.JPG (119359 byte) mini-P5250035.JPG (157604 byte)
. . . to find another que an a lot of other Alfa Romeos. Don't forget to bring the drinks and food on board the train, hehe. I had an Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Spdier from Denmark in my group.
mini-P5250038.JPG (154091 byte) mini-P5250041.JPG (119354 byte) mini-P5250042.JPG (107803 byte)
Stina shows her Viking helmet. Cute, really cute. The Danish Giulia waits together with a Kamm-tail Spider from who were kind enough to drive with us over the Alps. This is Andy from the Swiss Duetto club and his 1750 Spider Veloce. Thanks Andy.
mini-P5250043.JPG (141542 byte) mini-p5250046.JPG (135841 byte) mini-P5250048.JPG (159934 byte)
Kenneth in his Duetto, enjoying the fresh Alp air and climate. The Giulia Spider was driven and owned by Jörgen from Denmark. Here he was held up by a traffic light out in the Alps. My group, great.
mini-P5250050.JPG (155315 byte) mini-P5260051.JPG (142541 byte) mini-P5260055.JPG (163209 byte)
Always time to relax and talk about our Alfa Romeo Spiders. We arrived at Lago Maggiore and our Hotel south of Laveno,  east side of the lake. Early next morning, a moment to check the Alfas.
mini-P5260057.JPG (187665 byte) mini-P5260058.JPG (185615 byte) mini-P5260061.JPG (169673 byte)
An Alfa Romeo should be  red, right? Our very nice friend from Switzerland, Enrico, AKA Spiderman. He guided us from Basel over the Alps and the next day to Bellinzona and Valle Versace. Enrico Spiderman took us all to Bellinzona and Valle Verzasca.
mini-P5260065.JPG (176714 byte) mini-P5260066.JPG (208740 byte) mini-P5270067.JPG (177115 byte)
Hand made bridge, very old, more than one thousand years bears respect. Stina and Spiros are checking the view. I beleive that one of the James Bond movies was shot here, at least one scene.
mini-P5270070.JPG (193274 byte) mini-IMGP0466.JPG (126010 byte) mini-IMGP0464.JPG (202415 byte)
I drove ahead to get this shot of Kenneth's Duetto and Gert/Spiros' S4 Spider.
mini-IMGP0461.JPG (63636 byte) mini-IMGP0460.JPG (145334 byte) mini-IMGP0459.JPG (150611 byte)
As we werer close to Milano, it's worth a visit. The Galleria di Milano.
mini-IMGP0455.JPG (159368 byte) mini-IMGP0453.JPG (103196 byte) mini-IMGP0448.JPG (177154 byte)
Ha, the serpent and the man. The Milano badge, or at least part of it.
mini-IMGP0445.JPG (107256 byte) mini-IMGP0444.JPG (144782 byte) mini-IMGP0441.JPG (133005 byte)
Outside the Galleira. Modern art in Milano.
mini-P5280094.JPG (201105 byte) mini-P5280099.JPG (145310 byte)
We had an event together with the Alfaspiders from Holland, Madonna di Sasso together with the Spiders from Holland.