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Buon Giorno. I am Wille R. In 2005 Stina and I did a fantastic trip to Italy in our Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider Veloce from 1967.

This time Oriveto, Umbria and Abruzzo was on our minds. We drive this route: Trawemünde, Hamburg, Hannover, Sessen, Kassel, Würtzburg and then A7. Driving through Germany, then Austria via Landeck and the Alps.

Here we go. The distance from home to Orvieto in Umbria was 1829 km.

We enjoyed ever minute in the Spider.

Out in the middle of nowhere, we met two Canadians on bikes. Oh yeah, there were a group of mountain goats on the road. Timmelsjoch was very cool.

We didn't see any cars for two hours, then suddenly there was another car and two nice Canadians.

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What can you say. It looks as if Stina was afraid, but it was actually me. Not afraid but minding the Spider in case the goats got aggressive.

Trip was via 101 Route Tirol A Fernpass, Silz, Ötzel road 186, Timmelsjoch and then Bolzano.

Got a flat tire outside Garda Sud. First time in 35 years and we slept in Affi. It was very warm and no AC in the room. Puh.

Very nice parking lot though. We started early, drove via Modena, Bologna and then a SS road west of Forli. Heading for Perugia and found a very good and cheap hotel on a hill. . .

. . . just outside Marchessino with a swimming pool, €60. 

After a sunny day in the Duetto, guess what we did the very first thing? Jump into the pool, right.

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A parking space in the shadow is what you need. The road to Orvieto was very, very nice and as usual , no other cars. Finally, the crowd was waiting for us. We met at the Piazza del Duomo.
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The Cathedral and Dome in Orvieto is a popular place for weddings.

 Same procedure the day we arrived. Lots of people.

After a while the other Spiders from came to join the meeting, or "Raduno" as they say in Italy. Sun was shining, so we had a tent for the officials.
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Just outside the cathedral of Orvieto, the had a parking, just for Spiders. It didn't take long before we occupied the entire Piazza. Friends came on a line one after another.
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What could taste better than a typical Italian lunch with snacks and refreshments. Tosco is refreshing himself and il Presidente gets another drink. Great to see old friends again. Massimiliano, President of DCI. Martine and Ragnorosso - Elia Imparato. The Raduno Orvieto DCI 2005

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Puh, it's very warm here. Bebo and Antonella, in the backgrund is Yellowspy. Faber was waiting for us outside the Cathedral.
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The Cathedral in Orvieto, Umbria. The birth place of Italy as the legend says. Nice view in the sun. Piazza Catedrale di Orvieto. Nice, really nice!
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The hills of Umbria in the background. Whish I was there again.