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Southern Sweden

Buon Giorno. I am Wille R. In 2004 Stina and I did a fantastic trip to Italy in our Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider Veloce from 1967. It began in April. Summer in Sweden is quite OK. A couple of 105 series cars is a tempting sight.

In the chilly spring we go together with the gang in the South of Sweden. Stina and I decided to join the www.duettoclub.it and the Raduno in Citta di Castello and "il sole d'Italia". "Our" roads are high-lited in yellow. Limhamn - Trelleborg-Trawemünde - Hamburg

June 16. After the ferry www.tt-line.se  and breakfast, finally, lining up for the train in Hamburg, Altona Bahnhof. www.dbautozug.de

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I drove across the platform, just where the regular passengers walk. This was fun, never done this before. First in line on the train. Very exciting experience. Did not cost much neither was tricky to travel. The price 360€ included two beds in a four-bed compartment, linen and towels and a good breakfast. This was served in the compartment in the morning. Eating and looking at the Alps was fun. Stina is relaxing.
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A very rare Bentley Speed-six caught my eyes. Never saw the owner. The Alfa behind is not mine, it was a Kamm-tail from Germany in very good condition. Hamburg - Verona

June 17. The radiator of the Bentley is as big as a door. This was when we had arrived in Verona.


In Verona, the Italian crew drove the Spider. They liked it for sure.
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That made their day. The crew informed that as there had been an accident we were not allowed to drive off the train. I think they wanted to test drive the vehicles. Maranello

A short and fast visit in Maranello and the Ferrari shop and then Serramazzoni and SS12. Passo delle Radici and Gallicano and Molazzana. Sunny and 27 degrees. What could be more fun than the mountain roads and a Spider.

Instead of the regular main roads, we try to find alternative roads. True Spider roads are really fun.

Especially when you take a break out where the local people understand and respect a good old Alfa Romeo Spider.

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Finally, Rustico Sara, in the mountains north of Lucca in Toscana. The beautiful villa, more than 300 years old is in Brucciano-Molazzana.  Please see www.bbtoscana.it or www.monti-mare.it for details.



Stina is relaxing in the sun. The panorama was exciting. The view over the valley and Barga,  Bagni-di-Lucca and the rest of Toscana was unforgettable. Want to see and learn more, check  Rusticosara- link and website  Ristorante "da Dino Toddo

Close to Rustico Sara we found a small Ristorante "da Dino Toddo". Hard to find but well worth the effort. This became our regular dinner favorite. The B&B people will tell you the way.


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Antipasti, starters to increase the appetite. Bagni di Lucca

June 21. Ponte di Diavolo, the devils bridge on our way to Coloddi.




Coloddi, the village of Pinocchio. Never tell any lies, or your nose will grow!


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Rosso Montecatini, the Spider and the road sign.


It makes you lose your  breath. And yes, it was very warm, more than 30 degrees all the time.